Online Photo Solution

Integrating the Magic Memories Online Solution into your website 


View Port is a method to embed the Magic Memories Online Photo Solution into any client website. This very simple to use API allows the Magic Memories search facility to be embedded directly and easily into your website, allowing your customers to find their media through your website using our application and with no ongoing technical administration required. 


Client must be using a modern web browser with Javascript enabled.


Place the following line somewhere in the “head” or “body” section of any web page
 in which the View Port should appear:

<script id="mm_viewport" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Then, on any object (such as an anchor tag/link, div, span, etc) in the page that the user can/should click to be presented with a search box, simply add the following code:

onclick="javascript:getMMViewPort('search','YOUR_ALBUM_CODE'); return false;"

where ‘YOUR_ALBUM_CODE’ is the four letter/number Album Code supplied to you
by Magic Memories.

If you are going to use an anchor (or “a”) tag, then you should use ‘href=”#”‘ as the
anchor location.

If you are using another object such as a div or image tag, you should add the following code to the style of that object in order that the user will see a ‘hand’ when the mouse is over this object:


Here is how your link should look:

<a style="cursor:pointer;">

If You Have Two Albums

Some of our partners have multiple albums. An example of this could be if you have an album for site entry, and one for a special attraction. If they are not classed as ‘album buddies’ (your site manager will know) you may want to have two links on your Daily Photos page(one for each album).
If this is the case, note that you should only include our Javascript once, and change the album code on the ‘onclick’ event as described above.

This is an example of an anchor link here



Incorrect or Missing Album code

If you have provided an incorrect or missing album code in the links above, you will likely be presented with an error page within the viewport box. If you are confident that you are using the correct four-letter album code that you were provided (‘YOUR_ALBUM_CODE’ is not correct!), please contact Magic Memories support via It may be that the album you are trying to link to has not yet been created or that you have been given the incorrect album code.

This is not my album!

If when you click your link you are presented an viewport box that contains an album that is not yours, you have likely entered the album code incorrectly or you have been provided the wrong album code (‘YOUR_ALBUM_CODE’ is definitely not correct, for example). If you believe you have the wrong album code, please contact to request the correct four-letter code.

Objects are floating over the viewport!

In some cases, objects (particularily flash objects) may appear over the top of the viewport box making the box difficult to see or use. For assistance with flash objects, see below. For further assistance, please contact for more assistance.

Social Media Shares Don’t Work

When you set up your viewport, and your album is set up with us, you should test that Social Media shares from your Magic Memories viewport album work – this is sharing images and estories via Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
So that your brand gets more exposure as a result of Social Media, we redirect to your website using the URL set up in our system. This ensures that your website is loaded in the background, not ours. When this happens, our embedded Javascript (mentioned above) looks for certain parameters in the URL. These are in the form of
Some Content Management Systems (CMS) expect the content after the question mark to be a page within your CMS. If this is the case, sometime you need to set up a special redirect in your web server software such as Apache. If this is the case, you will have to set up redirects for estory_id, image_id and map_id.
If this is the case, please contact Magic Memories support and we can help you out.




If your website has embedded video or flash objects, there is the potential that these objects may display ABOVE the search box. This can create a very awkward and difficult to use display. To fix this, simply set the flash or video object to load in transparent mode. This should not affect the way the flash object displays and will allow the browser to display the View Port on top of the
other objects.

Example using the Embed tag

<embed src="" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

Example using the popular SWF Object code


<script type="text/javascript">
var so = new
SWFObject("", "mymovie", "400", "100%", "8", "#336699");
so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");


Social Media Sharing and Your Website

We offer the facility for your customers to share their memories of your attraction online to the major Social Media sites. Currently this link is shared using the URL for your website entered into our system. This is usually done by your Site Manager.
Please be aware that if you or your web developers change the structure of your website, you should let us know so we can update the link. If you don’t do this the social media shared links will cease to work if you remove the URL that we store for your site. This is easily updated via your Site Manager. We would advise keeping the structure of the same to avoid this issue. We’re working at a better way of doing this in the future.