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    A company aligned to deliver you results

    Since we opened our doors in 1995, it has been our mission to turn the worldwide attraction photography business on its head. We think and behave like a tourism company so we understand that the guest experience is everything. We make guests smile when they arrive, again when they leave and then every time they share or look back at their memory of your attraction.

    Some call it 'starting with the why' -  the why for us - is to make people smile. From your guests to your board, from our teams to our families. That's what we all leap out of bed to do, every day. 

    Our people are the key ingredient in Magic Memories' 'secret sauce'

    So it stands to reason that the real secret to our success is people over machines, screens or technology. You see, we invest in people with the right attitude and flair to truly represent your brand and ours. Our photographers are hosts – they meet, greet and interact throughout the experience to make your guests smile, take a memorable photo and encourage them to take it home.

    Working in true Partnership

    Partnership is a word too often used loosely in business. Our business model ensures we seamlessly integrate into your attraction and build genuine and long-term relationships that enhance the guest experience, build your brand and continually increase your yield per guest.

    Testament to the strength of these is the consistently higher financial return we deliver your business compared to that of our competitors.

    Innovation is a KPI across our entire company.

    Innovation is in our DNA and pervades our entire approach. We love to innovate right across the guest journey – developing and integrating clever processes, products & technologies to extend each guest’s experience throughout their time at your attraction and long after they’ve gone home.

    Innovation at Magic Memories is not the domain of just one team, it's embedded within the depth and breadth of our business - from a new photographer at London Zoo, a host at Legoland or a finance assistant in Queenstown. 

    The result is outperformance over our competitors by up to several hundred percent.

    By continually evolving the ways we photograph, display and present our images, sales uptake and yield per guest are unmatched. Browse our case studies to find out how we do this at an attraction like yours, or contact us today to find out how we can dramatically increase your guest smiles & photography revenues. 



    John Wikstrom

    Founder & President

    "I am a proud New Zealander, born in the deep South, and gained a degree in Marketing from Otago University. I co-founded Magic Memories in my 2nd year out of University with Stu Norris back in 1994.

    A graduate of the Icehouse programme for owners and managers and a member of the Institute of Directors, I am passionate about evolving the industry interpretation of the importance of guest memories, and how a well designed experience can layer across an entire attraction improving the guest experience, extending attractions brands, and be a significant revenue earner.

    I love to relax with my family, and in particular we all enjoy boating, skiing, mountain biking and traveling."

    Chris W Profile Picture2

    Chris Warhurst

    Global CEO

    "I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University Of Adelaide in Business & Commerce.

    My career began in hospitality, then private equity management and most recently the tourism and attractions industry.

    When at home, I love spending time on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with my wife and three beautiful kids.

    Magic Memories has an amazing track record of using technology to deliver unique guest experiences. I’m proud to lead the team into the future as we strive to be the best in the world at making people smile."



    David Lee


    "I am a United Kingdom, Australian and New Zealand Chartered Accountant with an MBA from Warwick University.

    Prior to joining Magic I was part of the executive team of Foodstuffs North Island and an M&A Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, we are keen on outdoor pursuits including hiking, skiing and mountain biking.

    I am energised every day by the commitment of my Magic colleagues to make each and every one of our partners’ guests smile."


    Ben Thomas

    Regional CEO Europe & Middle East

    "I have a Bachelor’s degree from Brunel University in Biomechanics and Educational Philosophy.

    My career has always been Sales based while holding General Management positions in the Telecoms, Home Security and Leisure industries. More recently holding the position of Head of Sales for a private equity owned leisure photography company based in the UK.

    My wife and four children keep me busy with an eclectic range of interests from soccer and rugby through to reptiles and music.

    Magic Memories is an honest culture of dedicated people with a staggering potential for growth and it’s a privilege to be part of this amazing team."


    Dave Aicken

    Chief Innovation Officer

    "I have a BA Visual Communications and a history in brand activation and sponsored events.

    I founded and built Centryc Solutions Pty Ltd, an event technology company, to better serve guests, brands and agencies by being able to register people easily, record the things they do at events, respond to them personally and instantly, and to provide reports in real time to help make better decisions. Centryc’s MeTag platform delivered hundreds of events for household brand names across Australia, NZ, Canada and the USA before being acquired by Magic Memories in late 2014.

    I love nothing more than spending time with my wife, children and dog.

    Magic Memories is an incredible Company, built on the beautifully simple promise of capturing memories of friends & family that will last lifetimes. That’s a powerful thing to be a part of."

    Continual evolution of our product & process ensures Magic Memories remains unmatched


    one of our team to make you smile today

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