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Magic Memories’ brand engagement investments show results

This article originally featured on Blooloop

Engaging personalised content is important says the firm’s founder

Magic Memories, a global leader in experience capture for the attractions industry, says that by investing in high-quality content and refining automated services, its industry partners are discovering positive results.

The firm says that attractions are currently facing two macroeconomic headwinds; the great resignation which continues to provide challenges to attract, retain and develop talent, and inflation, which adds pressure to businesses and consumers across the industry, with no sign of either abating soon.

Magic Memories’ investment in automation has resulted in the elimination of low-value labour throughout its service model, allowing for greater emphasis on higher-value customer-facing roles.

Delivering value

With Magic Memories, connecting customers and brands through content has evolved from a single revenue channel to four revenue channels that connect guests and brands on a much more frequent basis over a much longer lifecycle.

John Wikstrom, Magic Memories’ founder and executive director, says: “Engaging personalised content continues to prove its value – our model thrives when customers are together with people they love, experiencing brands they are emotionally connected to.

“Connecting customers and brands through content created and distributed automatically to customers’ mobile devices enables us to unlock immense value, and help to ameliorate both these economic headwinds.”

With a five-fold increase in customer engagement compared to pre-Covid, and social media reach climbing into the billions each year, Magic Memories’ numbers are proving it is on the right path.

Last year alone, the company created more than 250 million pieces of content, and this year shows promising signs of significantly increasing that figure.

Prestigious client destinations

Magic Memories is celebrating recent successes including the extension of its relationship with Futbol Club Barcelona for 10 years and a long-term extension of its deal with the iconic NY Hudson Yards Edge.

The firm has also established new partnerships with the multiple Academy Award-winning Wētā Workshop Studio Tour, the Speedwerkz attraction in Gatlinburg, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and Chester Zoo in the UK, whilst reporting “exciting growth in IECs and FECs across all markets”.

Wikstrom adds: “The data is immensely positive, and inspires us to continue to invest in what, how and why we integrate content into branded experiences. The different operational and commercial models are vast, but we are starting to see some real traction in a certain few.

“Data is driving all our decisions as we continue to test, review and improve. When your data is connected and delivered via one tool, optimization becomes addictive to the entire team.

“Content is king, and it’s a very exciting space. Understanding and codifying the positive impact on revenues, and brand engagement is truly a game changer. It is disruptive in a very positive sense, even pre-Covid we could see that the high cost traditional “take a photo, sell a photo” revenue model was going to continue to struggle without better alignment to evolving customer trends.”

Magic Memories’ services are also utilised in the popular Game of Thrones Studio Tour found at Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.


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