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Zoo Atlanta shares conservation message with Magic Memories

Visitors to Zoo Atlanta will help share the Zoo’s key sustainability and conservation messages with the help of Magic Memories’ new content capture experiences.

Zoo Atlanta has partnered with Magic Memories and together designed and installed new interactive content experiences allowing guests unique digital encounters with the Zoo’s wildlife and core mission messages.

Home to more than 1,000 animals representing 200 species from around the world, many endangered or critically endangered, Zoo Atlanta has always strived to educate and inspire visitors to value wildlife and help safeguard existing species through its conservation efforts.

The new partnership with Magic Memories allows visitors to engage with the Zoo in new ways, predominantly by creating unique multimedia content where guests play a starring role in each experience, with the content delivered directly to guests’ smart phones. This includes new creative photos, video and selfie experiences which are easily shared online, spreading the key Zoo Atlanta messages further.

“From one of North America’s largest zoological populations of great apes to a global center of excellence for the care and study of reptiles and amphibians, Zoo Atlanta’s offerings are second to none,” says Magic Memories founder and executive director John Wikstrom.

“At the heart of everything they do at Zoo Atlanta is a mission to protect wildlife and their habitats through conservation, research, education and engaging experiences. We believe the new Magic Memories’ content experiences will help strengthen the Zoo’s mission by further connecting guests with the animals, sharing fun and engaging content that helps to inspire conservation action.

“Creating bespoke content experiences to help our partners tell their unique stories is what we do best and we’re delighted to be sharing this with Zoo Atlanta.”

Magic Memories is now in over 200 attractions around the world, including over 40 zoos and aquariums.

Says Mr Wikstrom: “Our cloud-based operating system MagicOS™ enables Magic Memories to deliver its wide range of multimedia product experiences to all sizes of attractions – in fact, anywhere where people are celebrating being together at a branded experience.

“Increasing participation and engagement with the attraction’s core missions, messages and values is fundamental to success.”

Shawn Whitman, Zoo Atlanta’s Vice President, Membership & Guest Experience, says the team were impressed by Magic Memories’ efforts to align the new content experiences with the Zoo’s goals around animal welfare and sustainability.

“We were not interested in a traditional photo experience and were looking to find new ways to inspire guests and share our messages. We have been delighted with the planning and recent implementation of this new guest engagement platform. The feedback from guests and Members has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to working with the Magic Memories’ creative team to ensure we can deliver fresh and relevant content throughout the year.”


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